All I Ever Wanted Cover

The cover of the CD.

All I Ever Wanted is the title of the Penguin Band's song released in August 2012. The full name is 'All I Ever Wanted by the Penguin Band feat. Cadence'. Cadence sings part of the chorus. El Shades made an appearance in it even though he was not an official member until 2014. The release date on iTunes was the 9th August 2012. It is their 14th song, their 13th was Better Days and their first was I've Been Delayed.


These are the lyrics. Add a verse if you wish. It MUST follow the plot about the child wanting a guitar, but his parents dont let him and he finds his talent is actually the keyboard. Add your name under your verse. Each verse is eight lines.

I look around,

everyone's having fun,

except for me,

all my fun is done!

If only I could have,

what I always wanted,

A fresh guitar,

But Dad and Mum keep my life forever haunted! (Sir Jjoeyxx)



All I ever wanted was to strum that guitar!

All I ever wanted was to play it, really loud!

Oh, all I ever wanted was to have a guitar,

Yeah, if I had one I bet my friends would be proud! (Sir Jjoeyxx) Note: Chorus changes after last verse.

Second verse: 

It is my dream to get one

a fresh, new guitar

But all i get is a 'NO' 

They say Ill not play it 

But Dad and Mom keep my life forever haunted! (DjCadence ThePenguin)