Barbecue Logo

The logo featuring the USA Puffle.

The Barbecue Summer Party 2013 was a party in Club Penguin. It took place from August 15th to August 29th, 2013  . Every mascot was meetable and it was one of the greatest parties CP ever had. Cadence, the Penguin Band (including El Shades), Rocky and CeCe all performed. Captain Green came down from space. Aunt Arctic gave all CP Times workers 3 WEEKS off! Gary, Larry and Narvy stopped inventing and joined in. Rockhopper, Sockhopper, and Sensei stopped exploring and training ninjas to celebrate. PH, Rory, SillyBox and Rookie came also. It was rated 10/10 by the Club Penguin Times, but some didn't like this rating. Instead they rated the party 10.1/10. On the second week PH released 4 new puffles, the USA, UK, Canada and Australia puffles. The Luau Beach was a members-only room. Rockhopper was docked at the Cove. This was the first party to have mini-games decorated. There is a new game called Lemonade Match where you make lemonade in order the customer says.


Here are all the decorated rooms.

  • Forest - You could buy Canada Puffles here. Some of the trees were palm trees. Fruit was lying on a rock.
  • Town- The Town was one of the main rooms in the party. Lemonade Match is located at the Fast Food Restaurant and Gift Shop was transformed into an Tiki Shop with the Big Wigs Catalog having a new summer wig being added.
  • Dock - It was a big beach with a camp kitchen and picnic tables. Lemonade Match was also located there.
  • Snow Forts - There were palm trees about and members could enter the Luau Beach.
  • Beach - Palm trees everywhere with a burger stall and the Lighthouse was a giant sausage on the outside.
  • Cove - Streamers were hung across tiki torches with sun beds and umbrellas around. You could sunbathe on floaties or in the water. Lemonade Match was also located there.


  • Jet Pack Adventure - It was underwater. Obstacles and fuel cans were on bubbles.



  • This is the only party so far to have all mascots in it.
  • For penguins in the Southern Hemisphere it lasted from 19th - 29th January.
  • There was an invention made by Larry. It was called the "Lemonade 3700". It was used for Lemonade Match.
  • It was the last summer party, and the first and only Barbecue Summer Party.


These are the photos of rooms and mini-games. Credit to the Club Penguin Wiki for some of the photos.

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