Captain Green!

Captain Green wearing the Trigger wig.

Super Red Puffle

His puffle, Speedy.

Captain Green is a famous space-penguin. He was first seen at the Space Adventure in August 2012. He revealed the color Navy Green and leads the CP Army. His puffle is Speedy. He has a show on CPTV Channel. He is also an EPF agent and a SFCP agent. He is the captain of the SS Astro Barrier.


Taller than other penguins due to large spacesuit. He is Navy Green and found always in a spacesuit. He has the wig, The Trigger, on. Although called Captain Green his spacesuit is purple.


  • Captain Green was the first penguin to get The Trigger.
  • He is in Penguin Disco.
  • He went on Rockhopper: The Island Quest. He was turned into stone on Day 5 but SecretBox12 brought him back.

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