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Welcome to the Club Penguin Fan World Wiki! Here you can make your very own fan fiction articles about Club Penguin. To create a page, click Contribute and then Add A Page. We are founded on March 3, 2012 by Orangebird763. We have friendly and kind users like Wikipenguino45Aparnaa, and Sir Jjoeyxx. All articles are open (unless specifically specified otherwise by the creator of the article), so feel free to edit to your heart's content! However, please NO vandalism because we work very hard here to entertain ourselves with amazing things we think Club Penguin should have.

I didn’t make it for kids. I made it for anyone that loves imagination.
~ RocketSnail

Fan Penguin News

Issue #39

Post-Herbert Takeover

We are back after a huge 1 year hiatus! We are also hoping sure that Herbert won't be ruining our wiki ever again. We promise that the extras will come next week! However, the only downfall we had was to cancel the quest with Rockhopper and the penguins trying to save the pearl with the chunk of ice from a rare mountain. Don't worry! The pearl is fine anyway thanks to the blizzard.

Please do not edit other people's notes or you will be blocked for 2 days.

A note from Orangebird763

We've reached 600 pages, and the wiki has been around for 4 years!!! It makes me proud to see how our small wiki has grown over the years. Happy 4 year anniversary, CPFW Wiki! :)

A note from Wikipenguino45

I have recently been noticing the amount of plagiarism on this wiki and found some pages that belong to other wikis. Please do NOT copy pages from other wikis and pass them off as your own. If this continues, I will delete those pages. If you are responsible for this, stop plagiarizing NOW. If some of those pages are yours, (or if you have any issues or you have a reason for doing it etc.) then please post it on the Block Appeals/Requests on the forums. Plagiarized pages are from now on candidates for deletion and will be deleted within 2 months of the notice. Thank you.

A note from Aparnaa

Weekly Poll

This is our weekly poll that we will have hosted by Sir Jjoeyxx and Aparnaa! Last week, most of you thought that the Director/Aunt Arctic will win. Right Now, I want you to guess which one is the mystery penguin who took the chunk of ice to let the pearl die! (HINT: It is not Ninjabert, because he was in the quest.) Tomorrow, I will post another hint. Once again, the special poll will still be here. Take your time! :)

Who's the mystery penguin who took the chunk of ice?

The poll was created at 02:15 on February 1, 2013, and so far 68 people voted.

What is the special twist?

The poll was created at 13:51 on January 27, 2013, and so far 49 people voted.

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