1. Do not make anything not related to Club Penguin, such as Angry Birds.
  2. Do not spam, spoil or vandalize.
  3. Never edit pages that are about real topics, unless they have the (Fanon) tag or have the Fanon Life template.
  4. Do not make pictures with MacPaint or TuxPaint. You can use MS Paint, Photoshop, Paint.NET, etc.
  5. Do not make wingdings.
  6. Only admins can edit templates.
  7. Do not say bad words.
  8. Do not ruin pages that are not yours. Vandalism is strictly prohibited.
  9. Do not block users because you hate them.
  10. Do not be a troll.
  11. Do not be mean to other users.
  12. Never, EVER ask for passwords.
  13. For Admins: If a page is ever vandalized, please make a record once you have done a rollback.
  14. You must be a admin to edit the rules.
  15. Have fun and happy editing!

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