Penguin Glitch is a Hacking System by Orangesoft2379. In September 2011, Club Penguin released a patch that made Penguin Glitch not work like most trainers.


  • Get Free Membership
  • Make Custom Places
  • Get bait items
  • Obtain a Muliti-Color Puffle
  • Go to Glitch Island
  • Turn into Puffles.
  • Make Tile Colors
  • Get All Stamps without getting them.
  • Open Glitches
  • Turn invisible
  • Get Planes to fly around CP island
  • Ban moderators (say !Banmod [i.e: Spike Hike])
  • Get instant coins
  • Add items from 2005-2007


  • Unlike Club Penguin Charger, Penguin Glitch is not renewable in May 2012 because the creator is banned forever.


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